Ένας νέος ιός εμφανίστηκε στο Facebook πριν από 2-3 ημέρες. 

Ο ιός αυτό εμφανίζεται σαν προσωπικό μήνυμα με ένα βίντεο ή με το όνομα σας σαν tag σε βίντεο στο timeline σας.

Το μήνυμα αυτό φαίνεται ότι το έχει στείλει κάποιος από τους φίλους σας.

Αν σας έχει κάνει tag ενας φίλος απλώς κάντε αφαίρεση του tag.  Αν δείτε το βίντεο σε μήνυμα ή στο προφίλ σας μην το ανοίξετε.

Πατώντας το αμέσως χακάρεται ο λογαριασμός σας και έτσι θα στέλνουν και από το δικό σας προφίλ μηνύματα σε φίλους σας. 

Τώρα εάν έχετε ήδη κάνει κλικ σο συγκεκριμένο λινκ ακολουθήστε τις παρακάτω οδηγίες:


What Do I Do If I Have a Facebook Virus?


The first thing you have to do when you discover you have a Facebook virus is change your Facebook password. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Facebook book account.
  2. Click Account > Account Settings.The My Account page appears.
  3. Click the Change link next to Password.Three text boxes appear.
  4. Type your current password into the Old Password text box.
  5. Type a new password into the New Password text box.
  6. Re-type the new password into the Confirm Password text box.
  7. Click the Change Password button.

Once you’ve changed your password, write a status update alerting your friends that you clicked on a bad link and had a Facebook virus. Tell your friends not to click on any links that appear to be from you (then refrain from posting any links for a while so people don’t worry about which links are good or bad). If you know specific people received a viral link from you, head over to their Facebook Wall and delete the message from you if you can and let your friend know not to click on the link.

Finally, check to be sure the application isn’t lurking on your account. It’s probably not, but it’s good to be sure and now is a good time to clean out the apps you’re not using any more anyway. To check the apps connected to your account, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Account > Privacy Settings.The Choose Your Privacy Settings page appears. At the bottom of the page is a header called Apps and Websites.
  2. Click the Edit your Settings link under Apps and Websites.The Apps, Games, and Websites page comes up.
  3. Click the top Edit Settings button (by Apps You Use).The Apps You Use page comes up listing all the apps you’ve allowed to have access to your account.
  4. Go through the list and be sure you know each and every one of the apps.
      If you’re unsure if the app is trusted or if you want to remove an app:

    1. Click the Edit Settings button next to the app.
    2. Click the Remove App link.

If you don’t see an app that looks like it’s related to the virus, that’s OK. It may not be there. Changing your password is what really matters, this last bit is just insurance.


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