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John Foskolos speaks to Dimitris Papadopoulos

John Foskolos is an active member of the Greek Community in Liverpool.  He was one of the founders of Liverpool Olympic sports club.  He was also for years a member to Parish – Community in Liverpool. 
He is a member of the Union of Greek Writers and Artists of Australia and he is also the president of East Department of AHEPA.   I I had the chance to meet John Foskolos and talk about his first book “Tinos, Patrida mou”.

Dimitris Papadopoulos:  Mr Foskolos, you are going to present your first book, on Sunday 1st November.  Talk to me about this.

John Foskolos: I gave to my book the name of my island, Tinos, but I have dedicated the book to my wife, that I lost 21 years ago. 

Even if I gave the name of Tinos to my book, I write for many other subjects too.  The sources of my inspiration are the nostalgia for my homeland, memories from the difficult days that I had as a teenager.
We remember these days with emotion and we would like to be young again.
I refer to my book to the churches and fairs of Greece and especially of Tinos.

I also refer to the national celebrations and to many professions which unfortunately have been lost due to the latest developments in technology and in the market, as the old fisherman with the basket on his shoulders, the greengrocer with his donkey, the tailor with the tape, the grocer with the notebook of the debts, the miller, the shoemaker and many other jobs which I write in my book.
Most of the things that I write for my parental home, the wall clock, the short pants, the streets of the village, the church of the village are my own experiences. 
The one who helped my effort was George Lianos.
D.P.:  Reading the book, I see that you have a special talent in prose.  Why it took you so much time to publish your first book?

J.F:  To be honest I had never thought to  publish a book. 

From time to time I used to write some poems and stories. 

The reason I published this book was my granddaughter. 
Sometime when I was holding her in my arms (she was 15 months), I saw her staring in my eyes and trying to tell me something in her language, which I couldn’t understand.  Then I thought to keep this moment forever by writing a poem.  

She was the reason that make me write a book, so I can dedicate it to my children, my grandchildren and also to my parents and my brothers that are living in Greece. 
D.P.:  To your book you show plenty of love for Tinos.  Tell me about your island.

J.F:  Tinos is an island that I love a lot and I have always in my heart. 
Last time that I was in Tinos, was 2 years ago.  When I visit Greece, at the beginning I stay in Athens because there are my brothers, but after 2 weeks I want to go to Tinos.  I want to walk to  the streets of Tinos.  Really if I don’t go to Tinos, is like I didn’t go to my homeland.
We all know that Tinos is most known for Virgin Mary, but Tinos has also beautiful villages and beaches to swim.

J.F: I would like to suggest to all of you to visit Tinos and informative to tell you that it is easy to go to Tinos, because there is transport both from Piraeus and Rafina by boat.
D.P.: After your first book, is there a thought for a second one?

The truth is that I have already started writing my second book.  I follow the advice of Vassilis Adrahtas and I am writing more prose and short stories.   But I don’t know yet when it is going to be published.

D.P.: Can you make a comparison between Australia today and Australia many years ago?

J.F: The most important point I would like to mention, is the safety.  Before many years I was living in Liverpool and I was walking to Sydney with no fear.  Today you don’t dare to go out.

The truth is that Australia many years ago was more difficult for me, because I couldn’t understand the language, but now I have overcome it.

It is a fact that if you want to survive to a country that is hosting you, you must learn the language.

6. Closing the interview, Mr Foskolos can you send a message?

The message that I would like to send is to not ever forget that we are Greeks and also don’t forget our customs.

We are reminding you that on Sunday 1st November 2015 at 6p.m.  at AHEPA HALL (394-396 Princess HWY, Rockdale) will happen the presentation of the book of John Foskolos “Tinos, Patrida mou”.
The event is organised by the members of AHEPA’s Greek Literature and Poetry centre “Kostis Palamas” in Sydney, in collaboration with the Union of Greek Writers – Artists in Australia. 
The presentation of the book will be introduced by Vassilis Adrahtas.
Admission is free.


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