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Smiling is something very easy that everyone can do. It doesn’t cost anything. Even if we fake a smile is better than nothing. But why should we smile?

1. You look younger and more attractive 

When you smile your face gets a radiant glow that makes you look younger. Also it makes you look more attractive. Researches showed that women who smile look more beautiful than those who wear make-up. That’s why they tell us to smile when we take photos.

2. When you smile you reduce your stress

When you are stressed and you smile you will see that your stress will be reduced without you understanding it. Your smile sends a message to your brain that you are happy so slowly you stop feeling anxious.

3. Smiling makes you look trustworthy

Would you trust a person that looks angry? Your smile makes you friendlier and people trust you more easily. People prefer to be with a smiling person than a frowning one.

4. You make others happy

Smiles are contagious. They show positivity and that makes people around you smile too. Even if they were sad or angry before you can make them turn that frown upside down!

5. You make yourself happy

A smile can lead to laughing and that can change your mood pretty easily. If you feel sad try to grin for 60 seconds. You’ll see that you will not feel so sad anymore. As I said and above when you smile you send a message to your brain that you are happy.

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