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The grave of Pantelis Pantelidis is ready for his memorial service which will happen in a few days.

It is a simple grave with a guitar of marble and 4 CD. It describes the life of Pantelidis. Guitar and singing. They could not be taken away from him in his last destination.

pantelidis tafos

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  1. Butterfly says:

    Im not greek but i am truly mesmerized by the beauty of his immortal music and sadly knew of him few months after he was gone.
    From what I see his fame was huge in a very short time and he was going to be the biggest shining star in the history of Greek 21st century music. His death was no speeding nor accident from what I have been seeing from his vehicle that his seat belt was locked and he would drive his car sitting on the seat belt rather buckeling it around him and someone close to him was fully aware of that and what I am thinking is an evil jealousy must have tampered with brakes that his car was made to speed after it was oarked the night before at a friend’s house. Why would a very disciplined man rest the night for he knew he was not sober to drive and he wakes up to drive his car to death speed while he has 2 young women with him?! The story sounds like Lady Di tragic death. Im only geeling what i just posted and I am in a very country so no iffense to anyone!
    May He rest with the Lord.

    • M says:

      Dear Butterfly!
      I am honest thinking like your writing and I already wrote to another article about my thoughts similar to your! He seems to be very careless and trusting everyone, instead
      to have strong and very strict security! Seems these famous people forget that in this world have nice people and sick mental people that can really harm them! )<:
      Out there in life are several bad example when a sick mental ill fan took the life of the celebrity and one of them John Lennon.):
      Today in the people's hands are variety illegal and legal poison substances that really can kill you in the second. What a shame! This world is getting too close and too familiar with each other and are all abusing the mutual trust in their relationships!Basically you got to be open eye and super vigilant in every single second of your life otherwise you will definitely loose everything like health and life.
      May The Dear Lord Bless His Heart&Soul!

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