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Many people attended the memorial of Pantelis Pantelidis this morning in Greece.  His relatives and his friends but also many people who who admired and loved Pantelis were there to the Metamorfosis Cemetery.

Tragic figure was his mother, Athina who went on the grave of her son supported.  The singers father Mr Stavros also was very sad and pensive.

Very touching was the message of Pantelidis mother through the priest for her son and her charity work.

Many people also responded to the call of Pantelidis brother and yesterday night at 7pm they turned on the radios playing the song “Pino apo kei psila gia sena”.

Also many were gathered to Vouliagmeni, to the place where Pantelidis killed and were singing his song “Pino apo kei psila gia sena”.

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  1. M says:

    Sorry for this big loss of this parents and his brother!
    Very talented young man! Was loved by millions human being!
    Great voice! He will be missed from everyone that knew him!
    I wished that he did not got so comfortable with the crowd!
    Always these famous people attract not only people who love
    them dearly but also sick fan that can even harm them!
    It is a form of “love” and combine with a possessive nature
    from these sick mental ill fan!
    Remember the sick fan that took the life of John Lennon!
    Out there are several cases of this nature, where the life of these
    famous people is mixed with regular fans!
    Special in his case, he did not protected him self because he
    trusted all of the fans! But he was totally wrong!
    He needed a strong security and special with his drinking part!
    Honest I assume that he was under the influence of some substance
    and did not took much time and put him in the “sleep” while he was driving. )<:
    He did never got the chance to use the car brakes!! Strange situation, but only this
    hypothesis get all of us to some explanation!
    I am definitely sorry for him and special for the pain that this tragic end of their good son created for their heart!
    May The Dear Lord Bless His Heart&Soul!
    May The Dear Lord Bless His Family!

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