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The last days many readers ask us what is happening with the “Work and Holiday Visa”.
According to a search that we have made, we find out that the “Work and Holiday Visa” is an issue that afflicts for 20 years the Greeks that want to come to Australia!
The irony is that Greece is one of the few countries that doesn’t take the opportunity that Australia gives in many countries, to come 500 Greeks every year in Australia!
In particular, young people in the age of 18-31 years old they can come to Australia if they are interested and they can stay for 12 months, with the right to work.
The purpose of this visa is to familiarize the young Greeks and the young Australians with the culture and the language of each country.
The inertia of the Greek government till now has aborted this visa.
The last time that they made a try to validate the agreement was before a few months, but it was postponed due to the Greek elections!
Last days it seems that there is a mobility that made also the Greek Embassy in Australia to proceed with the above announcement:
«The Greek Embassy in Australia has the pleasure to inform you after the instructions of the Diplomatic Office of the Deputy Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs that the Deputy Foreign Minister Mr Ioannis Amanatidis is going to present for ratification on Monday 7th December 2015 to the Greek Parliament the Memorandum of Understanding for the Work and Holiday Visa, that was signed in Canberra on 14th of May in 2014 between Greece and Australia.
The signing of this Memorandum was a request and initiative of the Greek Community and it is expected to bring the implementation of closer youth of the two friendly countries, Greece and Australia».
The truth is that till today it isn’t known if the agreement for this visa has already been signed.
According to agents of Greek Diplomacy, maybe tomorrow it will be clear if it was ratified the Memorandum of Understanding for “Work and Holiday Visa”.
We also remind you that the last days the government of Australia announced a campaign
to attract technologically trained people from other countries between them Greece too, who will be eligible to continue their studies in Australia.
After this they would be able to remain in Australia offering their knowledge and their services.
The GreekAus is watching from close the issue of the visa that plagues many people and it is going to inform you in time.

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