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Teen arrested over Brompton break-in

16 Sep 2015 6:02am

A teenager was arrested after a break-in at a Brompton residence overnight.

About 12.30am on Wednesday 16 September, the occupants of a house in Pickering Street, Brompton were awoken by noises downstairs and rang Triple Zero.

The intruders stole laptops and left before patrols arrived at the house.  The occupants were not confronted during the break-in.

Police searched the area with the assistance of Police Dog Iggy.  A man was located at the corner of Pickering Street and First Street.  He has been identified by police and investigations are continuing to see if he is connected with the break-in.

A second suspect was tracked by Police Dog Iggy to where he was hiding in Chief Street.  The 15-year-old male youth from Findon was arrested and charged with aggravated serious criminal trespass.  He has not applied for bail and will appear in the Adelaide Youth Court today.

Crime scene investigators will attend the scene this morning.  Investigations are continuing.

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