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They were telling me (even if I am very cautious with these in Greece) the scene is as follow/some figures…

1)SYRIZA looses enough…

2)Lafazanis takes people. Many organizations of SYRIZA are leaving the party… some others are looking….where to join, they don’t know..

3)It seems … even if we have time front, there are trends of derby between two parties, Nea Dimokratia and Syriza both parties constant below 30%. No way over 30%!

4)Computability percentage of voters that apparently were not Syriza, (old Pasok and ND) but voted Syriza because they believed to a better deal and less taxes now they are leaving Syriza.  Unconvincing with nothing from Tsipras. Especially the private sector do not hear at high rate.

5)Nea Dimokratia will use the theme of illegal immigration.  Especially to the areas that are affected.  Nea Dimokratia will claim that the situation the last six months got worst. 

6)Apparently off Syriza, Tasia Christodoulopoulou and her husband Thodoris Dritsas.  Don’t see them from Maximou.  Great failures.  Mrs Tasia will go but the situation to the country will be tragic.

7)Nea Dimokratia has to fight her own unreliable, but Meimarakis is more populist than Antonis Samaras and more

8)Low percentages for PASOK.  If DiMAR and some others will join then PASOK will be again part of the parliament.  George Papandreou is difficult to join again PASOK.

9)It’s not going to be seen this to the first polls this weekend but POTAMI and Chrysi Avgi both of them will have a little rise.  But nothing impressive.  

10)In the black ledgers the party of Kammenos.  He sold out everything.  His party became super favor memorandum. Kammenos except personal appearances for public relations, he didn’t have any luck.  Officer are very negative and opposite him. He loses votes which are taking Chrysi Avgi and Nea Dimokratia.  Therefore as they were saying me two directors of pollster companies before, we don’t see him to be in new parliament. And he is going to have the same luck of DIKKI – DIMAR – LAOS and so on…  On religious and supposedly national issues….  People no longer follow him because he is a chameleon, bottomless greed for power and unreliable politician.

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